15 Things Stylish Women Do Every Day

I used to envy stylish women so much before, I felt like it was impossible to make my clothes look that good and put together. I just had to know their secrets. And today I will be exposing them.

First, I will explain the difference between style and fashion, believe me, there is a big difference. Well, it can simply be explained by these three quotes:

“Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style”

“Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.”

Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year. Style is what you pick out of that fashion…

Fashion is something everyone can have, it is the external look, everyone can buy clothes. However, style is what you do with the clothes you have.

Being stylish takes work, but I have found that it is so worth it. Using these hacks that stylish women swear by have made my life so much easier than before!

1. Prepare outfits the night before

Planning outfits the night before is a big game changer in being stylish. It prevents you from stressing in the morning, trying to find the perfect outfit but ending up with yoga pants and hoodie (I am so guilty of doing that all the time).

Know what accessories you are going to wear, what you are going to do with your hair and how you are going to do your makeup. Plan out everything.

It also saves you time in the morning, preventing you being late and giving you more precious time in bed.

2. Plan plenty of time to get ready

Planning is a big part of being stylish, know how long you take to go through your morning routine. How long does it take to do your hair and makeup? How long showers do you take?

I always try to plan an extra 30 minutes to an hour, just in case.

Again this prevents you from running late.

3. Fold and hang their clothes

Folding and hanging your clothes helps them keep their shape and also keeps them from getting wrinkled; and no one likes wrinkled clothes.

4. Iron or steam their clothes if needed

Again, no one likes wrinkled clothes. No one. If your clothes are wrinkled you must either iron or steam them to prevent looking cheap.

A small hack is to hang your clothes in the bathroom while you shower for easy and low effort steaming of your clothes.

5. Have go-to outfits

Always have a go-to, and this goes for everything. Have a go-to party look, date night look, casual look, work outfit etc. It makes it so much easier when you make plans last minute or when you are caught off guard.

6. Re-wear their favourite outfits

We all have favorite outfit combos. However, many of us are afraid to repeat outfits over a short time-span.

Well, you shouldn’t be afraid to repeat outfits, you know what works for you and what you feel best in. So why not wear it more? Just make sure that the clothes are clean.

7. Dress to impress women

You have heard the quote “dress to impress” well it doesnt say who you are supposed to impress. Well I am here to tell you that you should be trying to impress women, not men.

How many times have revived a compliment on your outfit from men? and how many compliments have you revived from women? I am guessing you have gotten much more compliments from women.

I have also found that women notice the little things that make your outfit great. A man will compliment your sweater, while a woman will compliment your jewellery or shoes; aka the things that make your outfit great.

Women generally have a greater appreciation for outfits. So the next time you put together an outfit think about what would impress women, not men.

8. Pin outfits on Pinterest and save outfits on Instagram

Get inspired by others. Look at what other people are doing, maybe you will find a new way to wear your favorite dress or sweater, who knows?

Or do you have a piece that you don’t know how to style? Try searching it on Pinterest, or look at the hashtag on that item.

For example I bought a beige wool coat a few years back that I haven’t been using much, but i have been looking at inspiration on outfits using similar coats and I have been finding myself using it all the time now.

9. Take time to do hair

Hair plays a big part, it can make or break an outfit. Plan what hairstyle you are going to wear and actually make time to do it.

10. Play with outfit combos

I love playing and trying out new outfit combos!

You never know what you may discover. Think outside the box, try combining pieces you otherwise would never combine. Maybe it will be love at first sight.

11. Try new thing

This is where looking for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram or playing with outfit combos comes in.

Never be afraid to try new things.

12. Know what is in their closet

Know what you own. Have a mental inventory of what you own, maybe you might save some cash.

13. Regularly clean out their closet

Clean your closet, throw out the clothes that do not fit, are worn out and ruined. This also helps you keep an overview of what you own and what you need to replace.

14. They are not slaves to trends

Trends come and go, classics stay forever. Stylish girls know when to buy trendy pieces and when to invest in the classics. They also do not wear/buy clothes just because they are trendy. They buy the pieces that make them feel and look good.

Limit yourself on the trendy pieces you buy, and invest in the timeless classics instead.

15. They do their own thing

Throw the rules out of the window. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot wear. If you feel good then go for it and slayyy!